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Gas Geysers

It is very economical when compare to electric geyser. Electricity is not required. It is profitable since 1 liter of hot water at 52º C costs only 4 paisa. It is cheapest and fastest way of heating water and that to in 30 seconds.

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LED Lights

LED light bulbs use only 2-10 watts of electricity (1/3rd to 1/30th of Incandescent or CFL) Small LED flashlight bulbs will extend battery life 10 to 15 times longer than with incandescent bulbs.

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Solar Products

Solar appliances for all your home needs from Deshmukh Appliances,. Why buy from unreliable and non-performing products that are labeled cheap when DA provides with highest standard and the cheap label as well..

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Water Purifiers

A novel idea of coating polysulfone on a porous candle resulted in the development of a 'point of use' water purifier. Unlike other devices available in the market which only deactivates the micro-organisms..

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